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IFI is an investment research firm
that quantifies market price indicators to guide the asset allocation decisions and trading strategies of institutional investors. We help pension plans, asset managers, financial institutions and hedge funds use disciplined methods to outperform benchmarks.

June 24, 2016
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See how forecasting can and ought to be scientific: an unabridged IFI monthly forecast

IFI offers clients an independent, objective source of investment research, forecasts and advice, in contrast to the bias that's often exhibited in the research of sell-side brokers or in the undisciplined methods of third-party research firms. We have no vested interest in any particular investment style. Our research and forecasts are based on objective analyses of the expectations that we find embedded in market prices.

IFI's proprietary models and objective forecasts underlie its investment advice. Our approach is both top-down and focused on investable assets and bottom-line results sought by managers. Our products and services address the major financial asset classes (equities, fixed income and currencies) as well as sub-classes, including large-cap vs. small-cap stocks, value stocks vs. growth stocks, stocks by sector, "new economy" vs. "old economy" stocks, government bonds vs. corporate bonds, and shifts in the yield curve.

IFI's research and insights stress the incentives and disincentives faced by producers, savers and investors - the essence of supply-side economics - and how these effect returns and risks. We recognize that markets are global, inter-connected and efficient. We rely on the time-tested forecasting power of objective and forward-looking market prices and the efficiency and rationality of markets. The firm rigorously identifies the distinct and causal patterns that exist, historically, among markets.

IFI eschews the traditional use of faulty and backward-looking economic statistics. We also reject detached textbook theory and the widespread myth of "market failure." Above all, IFI provides clients with a steady stream of fresh, provocative and profitable insights.